Audiobook Journey

Writing is what I do, its the way I put the miasma of thoughts, ideas, and stories into a semblance of order. Or you could say it’s how I exorcise the ghosts out of my head. My other love is reading aloud and breathing the written word to life.

Five years ago I toyed with becoming a narrator. I have a good voice, been trained as a classical vocalist and actor, so why not? Well, life got crazy and I never had the time or space to record. Now I do have both the time and space to use all of my skills to bring books and stories to life. This week was spent setting up a narrator account on ACX, recording samples and auditioning. I’ve already had one unsolicited offer, which feels great.

Reading audition scripts though… people, hire an editor. Some of the concepts are great, but the writing is awkward. A good practice is to read your own work aloud. It makes a difference, because some scripts are almost unreadable. Others are freaking amazing!

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