Eureka! Writing Solution Found

I never experience writer’s block, but I do get written into corners or find firetruck sized plot holes, and sometimes difficulty deciding on the POV. So I’ve been a little stuck on one particular story. It’s the one I blogged about a few posts ago, and it was a hard one to write. Notice the past tense in the previous sentence… drum roll please.

Snow in Sedona AZ

Due to a freak snowstorm, copious amounts of hot cocoa made the old fashioned way, a walk in a snow globe, and loads of slightly singed popcorn made in a pan on the stove, I found the route needed to make the story easier to write. Emotionally this story wrings me out, however the way I found to tell it lightens the load immensely. It also makes it a very different kind of memoire… needless to say I’m relieved and excited to get started today!

Don’t you love it when pathways appear?

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