She’s Back… or is She?

The last time I blogged it started as a joke in a niche industry that was the least likely in my mind to make an impact. The joke was on me, I reached hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, they called me Fearless Leader which really scared the crap out of me, I found my voice, and even took the US Olympic Committee on for roughing up the good folk at Ravelry. Had a crochet blog post go viral, as in like seriously blew up and got quoted in the NY Times (don’t look for LA Rivers there you won’t find me.)

I had a different name then, weighed forty more pounds or so,  was still raising kids, and ended up getting a library built in the rural area I lived just so I didn’t have to drive an hour to sit in a library parking lot to have access to the internet. No, really it was the 21st century and I was battling life with no internet and a yarn obsession. All I ever really wanted to do was write books, since I got my first library card as a toddler (that’s it’s own story), I wanted to weave magic tales of adventure and inspire people to greatness. Well, I guess I’ve inspired a lot of people, in the five years I wrote my other blog I recieved no less than 24 emails from people who decided not to commit suicide because of reading one of my posts, I call that a win. Sometime in 2012 realizing I desperately needed out of my marriage I decided I needed to make serious money and once again (will I ever learn?) dumped my creative side for my left brain and started business and performance coaching.

I wrote a couple of books, taught workshops, offered group coaching and private sessions, helped a lot of people and more importantly grew more into the self I wanted to be. Now, it’s full circle, I’m blogging for fun, I’m writing to please me, I may freelance a bit because writing is the one thing that comes easily and naturally to me. In 2014 I did a massive road trip combined with a teaching tour that took me from Seattle to Butte, to Greybull (WY), through Denver to Austin, Texas and back, then my daughter moved home. Life changed, she wanted to move to LA, I wanted her to pursue her dreams and get out of the backwater area in the middle of nowhere NW Washington, so we started driving to LA. It was crazy, it was terrifying, people thought I was nuts to drive her back and forth, I didn’t care… you see I wanted out too. I journaled and kept an account of the adventures because they were seriously outrageous and it felt like I was living in a book or a movie…

Here’s the synopsis:

In the three year break from blogging, I’ve upended my life, moved from rural NW Washington and transplanted myself in the red rocks of  the Village of Oak Creek just south Sedona, AZ after 150,000 miles of road trips. Soul searching, adventuring, solo traveler, mid-life reclaiming of my life, divorce, love affair, heart breaking open to make it grow ten times bigger, co-founder of an all natural chocolate company, leader of an international organization dedicated to Alignment & Self Actualization and finally resting in the shadow of Bell Rock in the VIllage of Oak Creek, Arizona just down the road from Sedona, AZ proper.

I spend a few days a week working at an amazing art gallery to get to know my neighbors and have person to person contact, then I write. I write stories, I write books, I write articles and marketing copy. Much like I was as a young reader when I’d read the back of a cereal box to occupy my mind, as a middle aged writer I write it all. Why? Because I’m a writer, that’s what I do, I write. Thank you for reading and I hope to regale you with fun creative tales, informative creative non-fiction and updates on my projects.

The best revenge is living well.  Oscar Wilde

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